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Develop content marketing skills including business storytelling and content planning during practical sessions which can be attended as an individual, or run for a team.

Rachel Extance holding a microphone, speaking, while part of a panel discussion at Cambridge Social Media Day 2019.

Save time and write more persuasively

Is it easy for people to understand the results you get and what you want them to do?

You’re busy. So are your colleagues and clients. We all want to know:

  • What has this got to do with me?
  • Am I being asked to do something? If so, what?
  • What does that involve?
  • What’s the benefit?

Yet so often, we’re sent emails, reports, and sit through presentations we have to work hard to understand. The result? Tasks go to the bottom of the pile, requests are ignored, projects take longer, or don’t get started at all.

We’ll work together to develop practical, engaging workshops that meet the need of your team.

Everyone’s business is different and people learn in a variety of ways.

I can help you:

  • Identify stories in your business you can tell internally and externally
  • Write reports that read well and get to the point so people can quickly get to grips with what you need them to know
  • Write persuasively so people can see the benefit of what you’re asking them to do
  • Create quality inbound marketing materials.

Why develop your writing skills with me

An award-winning journalist, I’ve been a professional writer since 2022. Before getting work where I was paid to write, I realised during my first undergraduate degree that being able to write well was a ticket to higher grades, even if I approached an essay much closer to the deadline than was sensible.

As a journalist I had to think on my feet, writing up to print deadlines, and having to turn my attention from one topic to another within minutes. I had to develop interviewing skills so I could gather the information I needed, then organise it so people who had no prior knowledge of the topic could understand it and see why it mattered.

I specialised in local government which meant writing about budgets, planning applications, public transport, and adult social care. I had to read pages of reports and sit through meetings, picking out key details, and turning them into an eye-catching story.

You might think newspapers are far removed from your business, but the principles are the same:

  • You want to a ‘front page’ that people want to read. We’ll look at what will grab people’s attention, whether they are clients, senior leaders, or your colleagues across the business. Then we’ll bring those messages out so you save everyone time and get people to take notice.
  • You have an audience of readers. Some want the headlines, others want to read an in-depth feature, while key players will head to the equivalent of the sports section, looking for the information that relates to their specialist area.
  • Every story has to earn the right to be told. Why are you sharing this information? What do you want people to take from it?
  • Print newspapers have a fixed word limit. I’ll teach you to write concisely so you don’t have reports that go on for pages without saying anything.

What people say about my workshops

“Rachel delivered a clear and well paced workshop with compelling reasons to learn more about content marketing. It was backed with evidence and lots of advice on creation and engagement. It’s improved how I approach content for Hello Lovely because I understand the possibilities. I also appreciated the well-presented workbook as a useful reminder. This learning is reflected in an increase in traffic to my website and more engagement on social media. Thank you Rachel!”
Berenice HOward- Smith
“I attended Rachel’s workshops How to create content when you’re short of time, and How to blog consistently. Both were well structured, with actionable techniques and methods. Rachel has a calm and friendly manner, and keeps everyone engaged. She even did a live demo of an Instagram Live during the content workshop, backing up her advice with evidence as we watched! In addition there were templates to use to help plan, and organise our learnings. I came away with a clear action plan, feeling much more positive about how to go about creating content and blogging. Well worth booking!”
Anne-Marie Miller
“It is the most relevant, practical and immediately applicable workshop I have attended on this. I found myself applying the things I learned without realising. My number of connections on Linkedin and those following me have not only bumped up but the level of engagement is greater than has ever been.”
Paul Chiy

Get your point across clearly and tell engaging stories

Let’s have a chat about what you want to achieve in your business.

My workshops are:

  • Tailored to you, with examples that relate to your business
  • Practical so everything we cover can be applied
  • Suitable for different learning styles and are neurodivergent-friendly.

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Rachel Extance is an award-winning journalist and writer who enables SMEs to write about their business clearly and engagingly so they build credibility.

Her audience-focused approach ensures your website, brochures, reports, and internal communications are relevant and convey key details quickly. She draws on her experience editing newspaper websites and her humanities degrees to tell unique stories that communicate the value of her clients’ work through workshops, group programmes, and working 1:1.

She champions her clients and makes them shine with original marketing materials.