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Confident content writing Club

For service-based business owners who have found themselves writing for their businesses

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You didn’t set out to be a writer…

Yet you’ve found you’re expected to write for your consulting business.

And you have all kinds of questions, like:

🤔 What do I write about?
🤔 Should I post on LinkedIn, Instagram, or my website?
🤔 How do I make content marketing easier?

And your inner voice asks:

😨 What if people don’t like it?
😨 What if they say I’m wrong?
😨 What if they don’t like me?

If only there was somewhere friendly where you could share your writing, ask questions, and get support.

Welcome to Rachel’s Writing Club for B2B coaches and consultants who find they are now also writers

It’s lonely writing on your own, trying to come up with all the ideas yourself, then making yourself sit and write them, while thinking about all the other things you need to do in your business.

We’re here to make it easier to write for your business – and more fun!

You’ll get ideas, meet other coaches and consultants, and be able to tick writing off your task list every time you come.

In the club you get:

  • Monday Marketing Mojo sessions where we chat about a prompt and then write something.
  • Quarterly content planning sessions so you know what you want to do.
  • Online co-working sessions so you have time scheduled to write in.
  • Confidence and camaraderie.

Show up regularly and get known by sharing great content that represents you

This is a Club for action-takers. All the sessions are live and it’s designed to get you to write and have confidence to publish and share what you have typed. This will make you more visible, whether you are posting on social media, sending emails to your list, or writing articles on your website.

Why people love being part of Rachel’s Writing Club

“I realised creating content could help promote and sell my service and much of the content I wanted to create was best suited to being written. I needed a way to keep myself accountable to get the writing done and Rachel’s Writing Club is the perfect way to do that. Whenever I need to write anything I schedule the time around Rachel’s coworking sessions. This way I can stop procrastinating and actually get the work done. If you’re in a writing rut, Rachel’s Marketing Mojo sessions include interesting writing tasks to get your creative juices flowing. I can highly recommend Rachel’s Writing Club!”
Jon Clayton
Architectural technologist
“When I joined the Club, I was lost for ideas and prompts. When the ‘Start a post’ on LinkedIn appeared on my screen, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I came away from Rachel’s Writing Club empowered with workable actions on content, new connections and a huge respect for Rachel. Her insights and ways with words are shared with her steadfast, warm-hearted generosity in a safe place.”
Berenice Howard-Smith
Book, print, and website designer
“Before joining Rachel’s Writing Club, I struggled to write consistently for my business. Spending more time with Rachel & other club members, means I am now more likely to write. Plus, I have accountability and ideas in ready supply. I particularly enjoy the weekly Marketing Mojo, where Rachel offers an idea to discuss which leads to content creation.”
Susie tobias
WordPress expert
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What you get when you join the Club

  • A 1:1 strategy session so you know what to focus on
  • Monday Marketing Mojo on Zoom at 12pm London time where I give you a prompt, we have a chat about it, and then you write
  • Weekly co-working sessions on either Wednesday afternoon or Friday morning

All events take place during term time. All memberships are for 12 months.

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’m an award-winning journalist and blogger who loves to talk about ideas. My clients are coaches and consultants working in specialist fields helping businesses and entrepreneurs. They’ve come out of corporate or academia to find they need to write content and use different language to the style they are used to.

I offer practical support and guidance to create content marketing which really says something and resonates with your perfect clients.

My business is called The Story Cave in homage to how humans have shared stories with each other and on walls for millennia. Whenever I picture The Story Cave, it’s warm and inviting. There are plush sofas. Books line the walls. There’s a bar where you can enjoy the gin of your choice or a really good hot chocolate. People are having conversations about all kinds of topics from copywriting to climate change, what they are reading to research. It’s a place to kick back and talk about what you want to say.

That’s what Rachel’s Writing Club is all about. Come on in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Service-based business owners who serve other businesses and want dedicated time to write. You probably keep meaning to but it always gets bumped because of client work. You might also be looking for direction. 

I’ll ask you to complete a Content Creation Assessment and then we’ll have a 90 minute strategy session. You’ll get a link to the Club calendar so you know when events are.

Most of the sessions are run live and we don’t record them. Occasionally, I will run a workshop and put the recording in the Clubhouse.

There will be resources available during August to help you write but most people like the break. We’ll prep for the summer so you have content to schedule if you’re going away.

Not as part of the Club but I do in my Contented Content programme. This gives you everything you get in the Club, plus feedback on 2 articles of up to 2000 words a month, and a monthly 1:1 with me. Find out more about Contented Content.

Get your week off to a great start

When you join Rachel’s Writing Club, you will:

  • Write social media posts which let people get to know you and raise your visibility
  • Get ideas for blog posts which will benefit your business
  • Have dedicated time to write each week whether you’re writing a blog post, sales page, or a book
  • Enjoy interesting conversations with other business owners. It’s a fun and productive way to start the week!

Join today!


12 months of content writing support
Weekly writing workshop
Weekly co-working session
1:1 strategy session

Save by paying for the year in full


12 months of content writing support
Weekly writing workshop
Weekly co-working session
1:1 strategy session

6 month payment plan