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Master your message

Get clear on how to talk about your business in this 90 minute 1:1 session on Zoom.

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Do you have lots of ideas but you’re not sure what to do with them?

They flit about in your head. Should I write about that? Oh and I need to say this. And where does that bit fit in?

What should you focus on? 

Creating content seems to be such a huge task. 

You want to do it but you need it to be manageable. 

Often you end up moving on to your next job, that blog post or video still not done.

We’ll work together to:

  • Focus on your audience and what their motivation for working with you is
  • Create a framework for talking about your area of expertise
  • Identify key talking points which showcase your approach and dovetail with your audience’s interests
  • Make a plan that brings all these factors together so you can create content that speaks to the people you want to talk to.
  • Prioritise your next steps so you are raising your visibility and creating content that will serve you long-term.

Turn your specialist subject into engaging content

Do you have your own way of doing things?

You want to get that across in your content in a way that’s accessible to your clients.

What do they want to know?

How do you break it down without dumbing down?

That’s where I come in. I apply my experience as a journalist to identify the content themes in your business. Then we drill down and come up with a list of potential content topics so you can start creating straight away.

You have a 90 minute chat with me over Zoom and while we talk about you and your business, I’ll write out all my observations and ideas for messaging, content topics, and how to share them. You’ll leave with a clear plan, including actions for the next month.

Joined up marketing that saves you time

What do you need to focus on first? How do you make use of your content once you have created it? You will leave the session with an action list, including a timeline for getting the work done.

What happens when you book a Master Your Message session

We work together to align your messaging throughout your content marketing.

Get Started

5 steps to content marketing clarity

Step 1: Choose when you want to meet
  • You’ll pick a time that works for you in my diary
  • You’ll be asked to pay for the session when you book
Step 2: Fill out a questionnaire
  • I’ll send you a list of questions to answer and send back to me.
  • This means the call is spent digging in to your messaging, rather than researching background
Step 3: Before our call, I will:
  • Go through your answers to the questions I sent you
  • Look at your website and make notes about any opportunities for improvements
  • Take a look your social media to see what you’re posting and the response
  • Research answers to any questions you have put to me in advance
Step 4: We have our 1:1 session
  • We meet on Zoom for 90 minutes
  • We look at where you are in your marketing journey and what you need to focus on
  • You can ask me questions as we go
Step 5: We have a 30 minute catch up a month later
  • Reflect on your progress and ask any follow-up questions.

What people say about working with me on their message

“I came to Rachel to help me with my strategy and accountability around content creation such as blog writing and social media. She has been fantastic at supporting me with strategy planning, strategic thinking, templates as well as getting over the fear of self-promotion.

As a result, I wrote regular articles, social media posts, and generally stepped up promotion ahead of my book launch.
I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build their motivation for writing content and as well as getting organised to set things up smoothly. She’s efficient, kind and a joy to work with!”
Ruth Farenga
Conscious Leaders
“I have had the pleasure to work with Rachel on my content strategy and I have found our working partnership effective and inspiring. Rachel helped me to prioritise my topics in line with my my offering and audiences. Her friendly and flexible style helped me generate additional content and come up with a strong plan for the next 6 months. Rachel’s perspective and expertise helped me adapt my content to a wider range of media and including blogs/posts. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who needs to develop their content, voice and visibility.
natacha wilson
Cambridge Insights
“I started the session feeling over-burdened by the need to keep on generating content, and Rachel was able to give clear guidance on how to maximise the use of my website and podcast going forward in order to create better visibility for my business. This was exactly the conversation I needed having recently re-shaped my brand and focus. I would utterly recommend that you spend time talking through your content creation woes with Rachel as she is able to get straight to the most efficient solution for you. Thank you so much Rachel!
Erica Bowen

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’ve been working with online business owners who work in specialist fields for more than five years. 

It’s hard to talk about your business. You’re so close to it. What do you focus on? What do people want to know about?

I see so many people putting out content for the sake of it when they could be spending that time creating something that supports their business and helps clients get to know them and what they’re about. 

As an award-winning journalist and blogger, I am good at getting to the heart of an issue, and can come up with multiple ways to talk about a topic.

I’ll enable you to get clear on how to talk about your business and what to create over the next few months. 

From confusion to clarity in 90 minutes

Stop wondering what to talk about and take action. Master Your Message gives you the framework you need to create original content which reflects you and what you do.

You will:

  • Take time to think about your clients and what they want
  • Enjoy a space to share ideas out loud and benefit from sparking ideas off me
  • Be able to look at your message from different angles