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Write your high impact bio™

Introduce yourself with confidence on your website and as a guest

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“The most important 90 minutes of your business journey”

Dennis Harhalakis

You’re appearing on a podcast or a livestream and the host asks you for your bio.

You have a rising sense of panic.

Bio, yes, of course, erm…

If only you had something short and brilliant to share.

And those words were on your website, proudly telling people how amazing you are (you know, the things you want to say, but feel like you shouldn’t boast.)

That’s exactly what you’ll have when you write your High Impact Bio™ – and it unlocks the door to a wealth of original content you can create and share to build your credibility and your audience.

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A laptop screen which reads Re: intros Write Your High Impact Bio. Make a great first impression in less than 100 words in this self-led course with the option to come to a live workshop.

What do you want people to know about you?

Re: intros walks you through:

  • What a High Impact Bio™ looks like
  • Gives you step-by-step instructions on how to write yours
  • Shows you how you can use the elements of your bio to create a Content Explosion – a range of marketing material you can share on your website

All in a series of short videos (less than 5 minutes each) so you can get this done in an hour.

You can also come along to a live online 90 minute workshop and work through it as a group so you can see how it comes across to others.

What people say about writing their High Impact Bio™

“I already had a professional bio, but, like everyone else, I had several of them for different purposes. However, working through Rachel’s process to create my new High Impact Bio has resulted in a bio that I can happily use every time, everywhere! Great process to go through and well worth it for all professionals to revisit and improve how you present to the world! Thanks Rachel!”
Jenny Stilwell
It is so difficult to write about yourself, let alone write your Bio that you need everywhere as an online coach and trainer. But with the High Impact Bio training of Rachel, it became a walk in the park. She puts up a structure that is super easy to follow with the right questions asked. After the training it took me about 60 minutes or even less to write, tweak and create it! I’m even proud of my Bio now
Rachel’s deep dive into a High Impact Bio added a huge amount of value for me – I now recognise the importance of using impact and value words that match my personality and style (rather than writing as if it were a standard Linkedin profile).
Thank you Rachel!
Mark Franklin

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’m an award-winning journalist and writer who enables SMEs to write about their business clearly and engagingly so they build credibility.

My audience-focused approach ensures your website, brochures, reports, and internal communications are relevant and convey key details quickly. I draw on my experience editing newspaper websites and my two humanities degrees to tell unique stories that communicate the value of my clients’ work through workshops, group programmes, and working 1:1.

I champion my clients and make them shine with original marketing materials. 

You just read my High Impact Bio. If you’d like to know which stories to draw on and how to put them together to make people think, ‘wow’ then press the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with a website they use to sell a service. Also great for anyone who needs to provide a bio for a podcast, livestream, going on stage, or for their book.

You’ll get access to the course and watch the videos. You’ll also see the date for the next live workshop where we work through the material together.

You’ll see an option to add this and get a personalised Content Explosion One Sheet PDF when you check out.

Give a great first impression

  • Give search engines exactly what you want them to show when someone looks for you
  • Feel confident when asked for ‘a few lines about you’
  • Avoid the scramble to come up with something to say!

Write your High Impact Bio™!


Access to the course with
Bite-sized videos
Step-by-step instructions
Option to come along to a live workshop


Access to the course with:
Bite-sized videos
Step-by-step instructions
Option to come along to a live workshop
My feedback on your bio
Personalised Content Explosion PDF