Happy International Creator Day!

Often people are put off sharing content because it can feel a bit like showing off. ‘Hey look at me!’ We’ve always been told not to do that and it feels awkward.

But that’s not what content is about at all. Content is about others, it looks outwards. What have you read recently that made you cheer? (Either out loud or a quiet yay to yourself.)

Creating content enables you to share good practice and tell stories about other people’s work. If you know someone who is doing something brilliant, talk about it.

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Today (April 23rd) is International Creator Day – a celebration of content creation in all its forms. I’d love to know what content makes you smile. What do you like to create? What do you like to see?

Your content is powerful. It enables you to share ideas. You can bring people together. You can help people achieve their goals or simply make them smile. How good is that?

If you’re not a blogger, podcaster or Youtuber yet, you might be thinking you are not a creator but I beg to differ.

You’ve created a business. You create solutions to problems. You are creating a life that works for you. You are creating income and supporting others.

Whether you enjoy speaking, writing, drawing, painting, doodling, or bringing people together, you are a creator.

Be proud of yourself. Share something you’ve made today – and you’ll be creating a new piece of content at the same time.

A computer screen showing a copy of the 12 blog post idea PDF.

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