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Independent Consultants

Support to write about your business so you feel happy talking about what you do and the difference you make

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Share Your Work To Attract More Projects You Want

You know you’re awesome at what you do and that you really help people.

Your clients say good things about you and you wish you could clone them. Sometimes though, you feel like a best kept secret.

You’d like more of the projects you enjoy and to know that when someone books a discovery call, they’re going to be a good fit.

This is where your website and content marketing comes in. You’re able to: 

  • Showcase your favourite projects
  • Walk people through your process
  • Demonstrate your experience and expertise
  • Let people get to know you
  • Answer clients questions

You can do all this on your website so you’re not at the mercy of algorithms or worried about someone changing the rules.

As an independent consultant, you probably set up your business because you wanted to do things differently. Whether that was working hours that suit you, or delivering your work in a way that’s more aligned with your clients, or because you spotted something other people were missing. Maybe you wanted to do all three!

Writing about your business effectively enables you to communicate the value you bring and attract the right kind of clients.

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How I can help you

I offer a mix of done with you copywriting, 1:1 consulting, and programmes for action takers who want to spend their time wisely and not get caught up in short-term trends.

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Create Your High Impact Bio

Make a great first impression with a short bio you can use whenever you are a guest – and on your website.

Website copywriting

Clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and how it benefits your clients with a professionally written website.

Rachel’s Writing Club

You didn’t set out to be a writer but you’re writing for your business. Get a strategy, community support, and make writing fun.

Contented Content

Work on your marketing materials with me over 12 months to write original, quality material you can share repeatedly and use in lots of different ways.


Rachel Extance is an award-winning journalist and writer who enables SMEs to write about their business clearly and engagingly so they build credibility.

Her audience-focused approach ensures your website, brochures, reports, and internal communications are relevant and convey key details quickly. She draws on her experience editing newspaper websites and her humanities degrees to tell unique stories that communicate the value of her clients’ work through workshops, group programmes, and working 1:1.

She champions her clients and makes them shine with original marketing materials.