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Contented content™

Personal and community support to write for your expert business over 12 months online

Does marketing make your head spin?

You do great work with your clients but it feels like you’re a best kept secret.

How do you get the value of what you do across to people? 

There seems to be so much conflicting advice. And you only have so much time you can spend. After all, you set up your business to serve your clients, not to jump through hoops for social media platforms.

You like writing and you have ideas you want to share.

You want to know:

  • What to write
  • What to do with it
  • Whether you could write it better
  • How your marketing links to your sales process
  • How to do your marketing without it taking up all your time.

Get a blue print for your marketing – and support to see it through

Contented Content™ is all about making marketing simple and easy to do.

We start with your positioning and then build out content marketing that helps you with sales. You’re introduced to elements gradually so there’s no decision overwhelm about what to focus on. You’ll see how your content marketing fits together piece by piece.

Over time you will build a business blog that saves you time and boosts your visibility.

I’ll give you deadlines to write your content so you have accountability to get this done.

Everything you write will be original to you so you stand out.

You’ll get:

  • A 1:1 strategy session so you have a plan from the start
  • A monthly 1:1 call with me so you keep on track and can run ideas past me
  • Feedback on 2 pieces of content a month so you have confidence to publish them.
  • Workbooks and video guides to write 6 essential types of articles
  • Guides on how to make the most of your material, including SEO and repurposing
  • Live write-along workshops so you know you will write for your business
  • Access to Rachel’s Writing Club so you have community support too!

Draw on your IP to create engaging articles which introduce people to your world

Marketing is changing but the key principles remain the same. Contented Content™ enables you to rise above a sea of mediocre computer-generated content.

Hi, I’m Rachel

I developed Contented Content™ because I see so many business owners either:

  • Not doing marketing because it seems so complicated
  • Getting bogged down in constantly creating social media posts

Neither of these is going to help your business long-term. 

You want to be bringing people into your website so you can show them what you do. 

And you want to do that with marketing material your ideal clients find relevant and engaging. 

I am an award-winning journalist and blogger. I can spot what you need to write about your business and show you how to create original high quality content in a few hours a week. 

You’ll stand out from your competitors, be able to bring visitors to your website without using ads, and make sales easier.

What people say about working 1:1 with me

“I have had the pleasure to work with Rachel on my content strategy and I have found our working partnership effective and inspiring. Rachel helped me to prioritise my topics in line with my my offering and audiences. Her friendly and flexible style helped me generate additional content and come up with a strong plan for the next 6 months. Rachel’s perspective and expertise helped me adapt my content to a wider range of media and including blogs/posts. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who needs to develop their content, voice and visibility.”
natacha wilson
Cambridge Insights
“Rachel not only brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table but she is also a great listener and has helped demystify email and social media marketing for me. She has shared her system for writing articles and it really works. It’s like having a blueprint that I can use each time I want to write something – instead of being faced with a blank page, I ask myself a series of questions and then answer them. Simple!”
Jenny Street
Stitch Street
Working with Rachel … completely changed how I view writing for my business. I’ve never been a natural writer, ideas for blog posts, etc. don’t come easily to me. She has a wonderful way of being able to tease ideas out of you and help you to structure your thoughts so that before you know it a blog post or an article has suddenly taken shape without you really noticing what was happening. I find seeing stories in my day to day much easier now too, as well as discovering that I actually do enjoy writing, all I was missing was structure. Anyone writing for their business needs to work with Rachel in some way.
Emma James
The Number Ninja

Get live feedback during write-along sessions

This course is all about getting your content marketing done. I don’t want you to get to the end of a month and think, ‘I haven’t created something’ or, ‘I’m not showing up anywhere’.

This is why I do live workshops during the programme. They are a mix of live write-alongs, where you write an article over 3 hours, and sessions focused on a supporting marketing task like email or launching. In this video, Susanna Reay talks about her experience of the write-along process.

November 14th 10am-1pm Live write-along FAQ article
December 12th 9.30am-11.30am Blog set up workshop
January  23rd 10am-1pm Live write-along case study
February 13th 9.30am-11.30am Email marketing workshop
March 12th 10am-1pm Live write-along origin story
April 16th 9.30am-11.30am Launching workshop
May 12th 10am-1pm Live write-along Sales Page Supporter
April 16th 10am-1pm Live write-along FAQ article

All meetings take place on Zoom and are London time. We don’t meet in August so you’re able to take a break or catch up on materials inside the programme at your leisure. Breaks are good for creativity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert business owners who work on their own and wish they had someone to turn to and say, ‘can you have a look at this for me?’ If you are confused by content, feel like you have to do a whole load of things you don’t want to, and are looking for a straightforward way to be visible and build credibility, this is for you.

Yes, this programme is available for you to start and you can book your first call with me at a time that suits you. There are limited places so if I am at capacity, you will see the waitlist option and I will let you know when a space becomes available.

I’m based in Cambridge, UK, so all calls are London time (GMT or BST). The write-alongs cover the same material that is in the course platform, but if they are a key reason why you are signing up, please make sure the times work for you.

You’ll get access to the dedicated course platform and be asked to fill out a questionnaire, then book your strategy call.

The first meeting is a strategy planning call and this is 90 minutes.

All the monthly 1:1 meetings after this are 1 hour.

You’ll get an email each week asking if you have anything you would like me to read. Send it over to me by 5pm on Wednesday and I will read it and either comment on the document or send you video feedback by the end of the week (unless life is happening, but I’ll let you know if there’s a reason I can’t get it back to you). If you have Voxer, we can message about it.

You can send me 2 documents a month. This could be:
A blog post (up to 2,500 words)
An email (or email sequence)
A sales page
An article for publication
A press release
A video or podcast script

Yes. You will find video writing guides you can write along with, pausing as you go, or if you prefer to read, there are workbooks you can download.

The live write-along workshops use the same material that is inside the course so if you want the benefit of doing it with me, come along.

Yes. You can choose to write your own website copy and I will give you feedback as part of the programme, or if you want it written professionally, I will give you a 20% discount on my copywriting rates.

Showcase your expertise, experience and personality

When you have Contented Content™, you will:

  • Call out to your ideal clients
  • Show them they are in the right place
  • Showcase what they will get from working with you
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Save time posting on social media so you can have more conversations and get on with running your business!

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12 months of content writing support
1:1 strategy session
Monthly 1:1 content coaching calls
Feedback on 2 pieces of content a month
Video guides and workbooks walking you through 6 essential types of blog post
Live workshops to get key tasks done
PLUS membership of Rachel’s Writing Club

Save by paying for the year in full


12 months of content writing support
1:1 strategy session
Monthly 1:1 content coaching calls
Feedback on 2 pieces of content a month
Video guides and workbooks walking you through 6 essential types of blog post
Live workshops to get key tasks done
PLUS membership of Rachel’s Writing Club

Monthly payment plan for 12 months

Curious about Contented Content™ but want to have a chat about it first? Book a call with me.