7 questions to ask yourself about your business blog

Recently I ran a table talk on Blogging For Business ahead of Andrew and Pete’s Atomicon conference. Attendees were a mix of people who had been blogging for years and people who haven’t got a blog yet.

Here’s a summary of our discussion with questions for you to ponder.

We spoke about:

  1. How blogging gives us a space to share our thoughts. Question: does writing for likes or the algorithm affect what we write about?
  2. How we’re happy to write on LinkedIn or Instagram but not necessarily our own website blog. Grammar and permanence were two factors that fed into that discussion. Question: how can we have the courage to write on our websites?
  3. What the difference is between podcasts, video, and blogs. How you look forward to listening to a podcast or a video but not necessarily a blog because it’s not a show. Question: how can we make a blog post something to look forward to?
  4. How we read newsletters regularly and then click through to the blog post. Question: how can we create newsletters people want to sign up to?
  5. Whether to write on our websites or LinkedIn, or both. Question: what does your audience want? What’s their time commitment and motivation?
  6. Attention spans – how we skim read and consume short form content like Youtube shorts and TikTok. Questions: what does that mean for our blogs? Do we write shorter posts? Do we find ways to cut them up and share them more widely? Do we need help from others to achieve this?
  7. Making connections. How blogging enables us to contribute to wider conversations and those conversations feed in to what we write about. Creating conversations and also looking for opportunities where we can share our thoughts on other people’s posts. Question: how do we find those conversations and take part in them?

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