4 types of expert - which one are you?

Are you getting the kind of clients and opportunities you dream of? There are two key factors which influence the success of your content marketing:

  1. Your message. Is it clear or confused? Can people easily say what it is that you do?
  2. Your visibility. Are you showing up in the right places? Are you building your personal brand?

Expert Impact Matrix

4 quadrants along two axis. The horizontal axis is confusion to clarity. The vertical axis is invisible to visible. Bottom left, confusion and invisible, is the Lost Expert. Bottom right, clarity and invisible, is the Hidden Expert. Top left, confusion and visible, is the Random Expert. Top right, clarity and visible, is the Impactful Expert.

Over the years, I have identified 4 groups of experts:

  • The first group know what they offer and the difference they want to make, but they are not showing up. They are Hidden Experts.
  • The second group are showing up everywhere but they are not clear on their message or their services. No-one really knows what they do or how to buy from them. They are Random Experts. I did this myself for years!
  • Then you have the group who are not sure what their message is, or how to get visible. They are Lost Experts.
  • The fourth group are clear on their message and offers and are out there sharing them. These are the people that you seem to see EVERYWHERE! They are the Impactful Experts.

Which type of expert are you? Take the quiz!

Discover which type of expert you are by taking this quiz. You answer 20 quick questions and get a personalised report at the end telling you which aspect you need to focus on next.

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