Say what really matters

Words that make a difference

Clearly communicate who you are and share your value to build trust, credibility, and connection so you can make more impact

Rachel Extance speaking on stage at Cambridge Social Media Day

You’ve got the passion and the purpose

Now you’re wondering how to bring people on the journey with you.

Words and stories enable you inspire and involve others in your mission, whether you write, record, or present them.

I’ll help you work out what to say, how to say it, and how to share your message effectively so you have joined up marketing that really says something.

What are you looking for help with?

A woman wearing a red top with her hair tied up in a bun, working at a laptop on a table outside.

Marketing strategies for independent consultants

You set up your business to do things differently. You didn’t set it up to be a marketer but it turns out that’s part of running your own show.

How do you talk about yourself?
How do you get yourself seen?
And how do you do it without spending hours on social media?

I make marketing simple, practical, and unique to you so you can stand out positively.

3 women looking at a computer. One is thinking, two others are smiling about what is on screen.

Business communications for SMEs

You’re impact driven whether you’re working towards the Sustainable Development Goals, supporting communities, or new ways of thinking about key issues.

You’d like support to tell your stories and turn them into business communications your target audience find relevant and engaging.

I’ll work with you to develop your messaging so your value proposition is clear and you can build your visibility and reputation.

Hi, I’m Rachel Extance

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 20 years, first as a journalist, and now as a copywriter and blogger.

I see a lot of poorly written websites, blog posts that miss the mark, and people sinking time they would rather be spending doing something else trying to boost vanity metrics. I’d like to change that.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and good writing is based on key principles.

I help you share your work so your audience can see how it applies to their lives and wants to know who you are.

Rachel Extance speaking in front of an audience on stage at Cambridge Social Media Day


What people say about working with me

I came to Rachel to help me with my strategy and accountability around content creation such as blog writing and social media. She has been fantastic at supporting me with strategy planning, strategic thinking, templates as well as getting over the fear of self-promotion.

As a result, I wrote regular articles, social media posts, and generally stepped up promotion ahead of my book launch.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build their motivation for writing content and as well as getting organised to set things up smoothly. She’s efficient, kind and a joy to work with!
Ruth Farenga
I have had the pleasure to work with Rachel on my content strategy and I have found our working partnership effective and inspiring. Rachel helped me to prioritise my topics in line with my my offering and audiences.

Her friendly and flexible style helped me generate additional content and come up with a strong plan for the next 6 months. Rachel’s perspective and expertise helped me adapt my content to a wider range of media and including blogs/posts.

I would recommend Rachel to anyone who needs to develop their content, voice and visibility.
Natacha Wilson
Express Yourself workbook cover. 5 key questions to help you bring your personality into your marketing.

Discover how to make your marketing unique

Do you want to stand out on social media? Do you want to get more of your personality across when you’re writing about your business?

Answer these 5 questions and then you can use them to create a variety of original posts that feel aligned with who you are. Enter your details to get this free workbook.

Why invest in support to write about your work?

We live in a noisy information world, and AI is going to exacerbate that. You are bombarded by messages on your phone from the moment you get up (even though you tell yourself you shouldn’t look at it) to the radio, TV, newspapers, reports from colleagues, CPD programmes, and in your leisure time.

So is everyone else. If you want people to know about your work and benefit from it, you need to be writing for them. No-one will know about you if you don’t tell them.

  • You need to share original, quality content people can’t generate using AI.
  • You need to build trust by demonstrating your expertise and letting people get to know you.
  • You need to share why what you do matters because people don’t have time to join the dots themselves.
  • You need to capture people’s attention with engaging stories which show why your work is relevant to them.
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Rachel Extance is an award-winning journalist and writer who enables SMEs to write about their business clearly and engagingly so they build credibility.

Her audience-focused approach ensures your website, brochures, reports, and internal communications are relevant and convey key details quickly. She draws on her experience editing newspaper websites and her humanities degrees to tell unique stories that communicate the value of her clients’ work through workshops, group programmes, and working 1:1.

She champions her clients and makes them shine with original marketing materials.